Monday, 4 May 2009

April 2009 Daytrading Results

+210 pips (Majors), -60 pips (Crosses). Total monthly return: +150 pips

I started quite well with the two systems but ended giving back most gains in late April. A "mini blow-up" when trading the yen-crosses had cost me a whopping -435 pips in one week. It was a record nonetheless - the largest losses the system had taken in a single week since the record began.

Monday, 20 April 2009

System Review: A Year of Performance Tracking

(First posted on

It has been more than a year since I first started to measure my daytrading system performance on a monthly basis. Here a couple of charts I put together to see how I have been fairing:

These graphs tell me that I have been doing the right thing all year long by:
1) Generating the right trading ideas at the right time
2) Diversifying my money in two different market places, i.e. Major Pairs and Yen Crosses.

I am able to make steady gains with the two systems, simply by betting against the short-term moves for the US dollar and Japanese Yen day in day out. The combined results say it all. I have made more gains than losses, 10 positive months out of 14, averaging about 310 pips each month.

Worth mentioning, the only one time my system made a triple-digit losses was back in July 2008, that is -140 pips. Others are -50, -70 and -25 pips in May' 08, Nov' 08 and Jan' 09. Also on the plus side, the system is capable of hitting four-digit monthly gains, which so far outstrip the recorded losses by many times. This has already happened twice: +1175 pips in Aug' 08 and just recently +1055 pips in Feb' 09.

Overall, my system did incredibly well even when the market was volatile. I hope my system can continue to make gains for me and you as the economy recovers.

Here are my monthly daytrading reports:
March 2009 Trading Performance
February 2009 Trading Performance
November 2008 Trading Performance
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September 2008 Trading Performance
August 2008 Trading Performance
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Monday, 6 April 2009

Daytrading Subscriber Service (Mar' 09) +265 pips, 11th Positive Month out of 14

This would be the 11th month of positive gains (out of last 14) if you had closely followed my US dollar market sentiment table and subsequently traded the major pairs' signals as we started back in Feb 2008.

The daytrading system did well again last month. We increased the results for major pairs by +265 pips, and also +60 pips for the cross-yen pairs. The EUR/USD result was up by another +50 pips, overall +1120 pips . EUR/USD is, so far, the biggest gainer.
  • EUR/USD +1120 pips;
  • GBP/JPY +845 pips;
  • USD/CAD +620 pips;
  • USD/CHF +555 pips
If you would like to signup my Market Sentiment Table and Daily Live Signals, please click here.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Download Free Forex Killer Automater

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Day Trading Service: Trading Report Feb' 09 (+435 & 620 pips)

Fact 1: Major-pairs Results +435 pips; Cross-yen Results +620 pips; 100-Pip EA Results +176.8 pips

Last month (Feb' 09) was a good month for daytading. The forex markets was less affected by the performance of the equity markets. And we saw the cross-yen pairs rallied from multi-year lows.

Fact 2: 10 out 13 Winning Months Since Inception

Major pairs results is the benchmark performance of our DTS. The End-of-Session system has bounced back strongly from previous losing months
(-45, -145 pips) and recorded a bigger-than-average monthly profits (+435 pips).

The other cross-yen and the 100-pip ea systems also made gains during last month. The latest results and breakdown of 100-pip trades can be viewed here.

Fact 3: Individual Performance Overview & EUR/USD Still the Top Performer

EUR/USD is still the biggest gainer of all since the start of record, closely followed by GBP/JPY and USD/CAD.

Results summary:
EUR/USD +1070 pips
GBP/JPY +885 pips
USD/CAD +595 pips
USD/CHF +475 pips

All ScoutForex readers are welcomed to join our daytrading group and learn instantly how to build confidence, generate a sense of control and make gains in the forex market with ScoutForex DTS. Looking ahead, we are well-positioned to capitalise on the system's future gains in the forex markets.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Mixed Results But Still Profitable Monday (+100 pips)

We went long US dollar this morning. Today's gain mostly came from the short EUR/USD position.

European Session
No. of signal recommendations: 3
End-of-session results: GBP/USD (-70 pips SL), EUR/USD (+135 pips) & AUD/USD (+35 pips)

Today's results: +100 pips.
Accumulated pips (Majors): +2470 pips
Accumulated pips (Yen-crosses): +1655 pips

Friday, 20 February 2009

Today +70 pips, This Week +355 pips

It was a profitable Friday. Both my manual and automatic (100-pip EA) trade setups produced winning results. You can now follow my all my previous results here and here.

European Session
No. of signal recommendations: 1
End-of-session results: GBP/JPY (-70 pips SL)

US Session
No. of signal recommendations: 3
End-of-session results: EUR/USD (+25 pips), GBP/USD (+50 pips) and CHF/JPY (+65 pips)

Today's results: +70 pips.
Accumulated pips (Majors): +2370 pips
Accumulated pips (Yen-crosses): +1660 pips

100-pip EA System
No. of auto-entries:3
Final results:
GBP/JPY +40 & 96 pips
CHF/JPY +40 & 100 pips (maximum target hit!)
EUR/USD +40 & 3 pips
Total: +319 pips

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

A Profitable Start to New Month: 7 Intraday Winners

First daytrading report for this brand new month (Feb' 09). Had some brilliant results today. Many trade ideas were generated by the 'market sentiment' system, particularly in the early session, and they all winners. You can now follow my daily results here.

European Session
No. of signal recommendations: 6
End-of-session results: EUR/USD (+40 pips), GBP/USD (+40 pips), AUD/USD (+30 pips), USD/CHF (+5 pips), EUR/JPY (+60 pips) & CHF/JPY (+15 pips)

US Session
No. of signal recommendations: 1
End-of-session results: AUD/JPY (+5 pips)

Today's results: +195 pips.
Accumulated pips (Majors): +2105 pips
Accumulated pips (Yen-crosses): +1055 pips

Monday, 5 January 2009

A Winning Start to 2009

Europe Session
No. of signal recommendations: 1
End-of-session results: USD/CAD (+85 pips)

US Session
No. of signal recommendations: 1
End-of-session results: CHF/JPY (-25 pips)

Late Session
No. of signal recommendations: 1
End-of-session results: EUR/JPY (-5 pips)

100-pip System
No. of auto-entries: 2
Potential profits:
USD/CAD +40 pips (minimum target hit!)
CHF/JPY open

Daily report: The Start of 2009 & My Daytrading Routine

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Two More Cross-Yen Results +35 pips Today, +350 pips This week

Two more trades today on top of Monday's positions (+315 pips). We remained sideline with the Major pairs.

Europe Session

No. of signal recommendations: 2
Major pairs results: EUR/JPY (+30 pips) & CHF/JPY (+5 pips)

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